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Monday Melange

Ugh, I was awoken this morning by KFPG reporting that George Carlin has died. He was 71... which isn't young, I guess. But it seems he died too soon. He's one of the main influences on my sense of humor, my philosophy, and my life. I am happier than ever to have seen him "in-concert" the last time he hit San Francisco.

We had an amazing weekend -- Roni and I had gave Kim a weekend birthday celebration of movies both in public* and private**, hot tubbing, sex (duh!), and a set of soft penguin speakers and a CD/MP3 player to replace the player she liked to use in the kitchen while cooking or cleaning. That only made the news all the more poignant: This too, shall pass.

I've become so disgusted with politics and politicians lately -- Roni was startled by by cynicism last Friday when I heard Obama would be voting for that third trimester botched abortion of a bill modifying FISA, granting the Shrub vast powers to eavesdrop on all of us, while simultaneously letting Verizon, AT&T, and others get away with breaking the law.

At this point I've given up on this country. No, really. I'm tired of being politically responsible, only to see the brain dead morons who SHOULD care yawning and saying that "nobody honest and law-abiding cares". I figure I'm far enough away from DC that, when things do completely implode, the west coast states will seceed without notice.

Yes, I think this country will literally splinter from the damage wrought by the Junior Bush League. The FISA bill (and other portents) are just one of the 999 cuts that this land has endured, suffering and in misery, until it begs for that one more kill it.

In honor of George Carlin, who once lamented the over-use of euphemisms for "death", I'll come right out and say it -- this country will be DEAD in our lifetimes. If only it would happen within Cheney's lifetime -- but then, that son of a bitch died 15 years ago, by all accounts. Bush The Lesser should be called the Zombie Presidency -- it sure enough ate the countries brains in the end.

And if that's too depressing a post...

* "The Hulk" does not suck. In fact, it was a blast, including a cameo by Stan Lee, Lou Ferrigno, a touching hat tip to Bill Bixby, and another to the TV series he starred in. I do understand what Ed Norton is ticked off about, as the movie could have tossed in another 10 minutes toward character development and been far better for it. Oh, and critics thinking the final battle between the Hulk and Blonsky is too long? You've grossly underestimated the appetite for battle scenes by the summer movie public. Now, the SOUND cannon sequence could have been cut 2 or 3 minutes...

** We had a John Cusack mini-marathon: Better Off Dead, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and Say Anything. I could have just as esily tossed in Gross Pointe Blank and Being John Malkovich, but as it was Roni was ready to collapse after the second movie.
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