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Smoke Getting In My Eyes

Over the last few days there were over 800 fires in California, mostly sparked by unusual lightening storms. The smell of wood smoke make it smell like a clogged chimney any time you walk out doors.

To give you some idea how bad it is, this morning I noticed an odd discoloration on the hot tub cover that looked almost like mildew or mold. Since there was no sign of this last week, and considering mold and mildew don't exactly thrive in the full sunlight and triple digit heat we've been having, I was colored very baffled.

So I touched it and took a look at the color -- more dark brownish red then black. A tentative sniff confirmed that there was no mildew smell, just a more intense version of what's in the air -- several varieties of trees, countless lesser bushes and plants, and probably somebody's house (or twelve).

Which means my eyes and lungs are screwed, unless I get myself a serious mask and filter. Hopefully this will clear out before the weekend, or Pride's going to be an oxygen tank non-optional affair.
Tags: health rant
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