Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

"If You're So Fucking Bored, POST..."

If it's not obvious, that would be my exhortation to myself not 5 minutes ago. That it took that long to actually ACT on the suggestion to create my own entertainment is a good gauge of the stubborn self-spitefulness that is Yohannon. Considering that I left everyone hanging with that less than loquacious post regarding Keith's visit from Maryland* I suppose I could call it self-imposed karma.

Keith's visit was fun packed and jam filled -- we did touristy shit that I don't have a good excuse to try without handy out-of-town relations. Or at least attempted to -- from his arrival Thursday night until he returned to the East coast the last day of June, we were not only socked in with the usual fog, but also with this gray haze that lacked the charm of the clouds of roiling moisture pouring in through the Golden Gate or over Twin Peaks past Sutro Tower. Ironically, as I drove him to the Oakland airport it was apparent that the prevailing winds and shifted back to on-shore -- his only glimpse of the SF skyline was really, really clear... but very tiny in the distance.

His take was that it would give him an excuse to fly out again. I sure hope so -- it's nice to have a reality check on one's sexuality from time to time that doesn't bounce.

Considering the lateness of the hour (and that Roni and I are visiting the third member of our triad, lunarphoenix , tomorrow up in Vacaville for lunch) I think the best thing I can do is post this link to the SF Pride 2008 gallery for now, and then go into details later. I comment on some of the pics, so it won't COMPLETELY lack context.

Yo go boom now....

* Yes, it was his. Yes, he did. No, I didn't -- I choked, much to my chagrin, although not until after he was done. And yes, that was all as perverse as some of y'all assumed it was, albeit as vaguely worded as possible. Why yes, I AM this insufferable in person.
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