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Move Along Now -- Nothing to See Here

Christ, it matters not what one's age is -- when you get your buttons pushed, you can be an immature little shit. And yes, I'm referring to myself.

Fortunately I've regained my senses (thanks, bunnybutt  ) and will endeavor to do better.

For one thing, I haven't said a word about how stellar the Kinsey Sicks were last Friday night -- and how cool it was that penguin_goddess  , perlandrialunar_phoenix, Roni and AJ were there as well. I even had the presence of mind to photograph people with the girls after the show with the iPhone, several of which came out wonderfully.

Funny thing that phone. I've had camera phones for years before the iPhone, and (if pressed) I couldn't tell you of a single shot I've managed to retrieve from any of those devices. A quick check of iPhoto reveals that I've taken over 500 shots with the iPhone over the last year -- countless moments, candids, and memories that I hadn't been in the habit of capturing for YEARS (including two shots that I've printed out on glossy, blown up to page size, that look GREAT for a 2 mega-pixel camera).

Of course, there is one obvious problem -- I'm hardly in any of the shots. But then, that's always the photographer's dilemma.

I'm hoping that, once they've properly cracked the new firmware, that the new apps will give me a timer (at least!) to allow me to take timed shots. Then all I need to do is come up with a holder for the phone to hold it upright to take shots of me with other people. 

Anyway, the show was fabulous, with Chris Dilley** reprising his role as Trampolina. Still no sign of them on "America's Got Talent!" yet -- which I'm not sure bodes ill or well upon them. Those of us who know them want to believe the show's producers are saving the best for last.


This post sucks. Ah well, I'll try to post some of the pics later this week.

* Okay, SOMA FM (Indie Pop Rocks!) did it again. This is an odd little ditty that ends with a very Irish brogue reciting the lord's prayer. "..forgive those that trespass against us" indeed!

** When Roni Cornered Chris to get their new CD signed ("Sicks, Sicks, Sicks: Full Frontal New Ditties") he wouldn't say he was coming back to stay. Nor would he say he was going to leave. God, I hope he's back -- he's too damn good to be swallowed up on Broadway, NYC.
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