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Just One More: SF Area Folks, Come to A Benefit for Candye Kane!

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Hey y'all, you want to have a rousing BBW good time? Hob-nob with bay area freaks you've only read about online? Be in the same room with that über-freak-geek, Yohannon, and watch him drool at countless examples of living large hotness?

Better yet: You wanna see what Roni's wearing under that VERY pink coat?

Teh Hawtness!

Then come out to The Rio next Wednesday, July 23rd!

For The Love of Candye: A Benefit for Candye Kane

On July 23rd friends and fans of Candye Kane will come together to stage a benefit at The El Rio (3159 Mission Street) to help raise much-needed funds for Candye's medical bills and treatment. Candye Kane may still be a well-kept mainstream secret but in most underground circles, her diva status is legendary. She has been making music professionally for over two decades and toured worldwide since 1992, performing for amazingly diverse audiences. Playing at the French Embassy in Rome for the President of Italy, headlined the Rhythm Riot, a rockabilly and R&B festival in the UK, and belted it out alongside Ray Charles at the Cognac Blues Festival. Also, Candye is an activist for several causes such as: queer rights, sex worker rights, size/body/fat acceptance, health care, and has worked with United By Music.

On April 18, 2008 Candye Kane underwent surgery to remove a Carcinoid tumor, which is a rare type of pancreatic - neuroendocrine cancer. As an artist Candye Kane doesn’t have health insurance. All proceeds will go to the Candye Kane Cancer Fund for the mounting medical bills to lighten the financial burden.

“Her generosity in spirit, love of performance, and inimitable gift for singing creates lifelong fans. Candye is outspoken not only about the needs of others, and asking for contributions from the heart, but also when she is in need”, says Lady Monster, event producer. “When I think of love, I think of Candye - and how much love so many have for her.”

As a tribute to Candye Kane all performers will be performing songs by Candye Kane. Scheduled to perform at The El Rio on July 23 to raise funds For The Love of Candye are Mr. Lucky with special guest Ralph Carney, Joshua Raoul Brody and Veronica Klaus. Also, artists Annie Sprinkle, Kitten on the Keys, Trauma Flintstone, Alotta Boutte, King TuffNStuff, Diamond Daggers Burlesque, Leslie Presley, Velvet Siren, and Dottie Lux will be amongst the phenomenal list of 25 performers and contributors. Lady Monster and Dr. Carol Queen are the MCs.

"I interviewed Candye about body image issues for my book Exhibitionism for the Shy; later, Candye and I shared the stage many times at Hooker's Balls, sex worker rights benefits, and I was privileged to book her shows at The Center for Sex & Culture,” says Dr. Carol Queen, founder of CSC, writer and cultural sexologist. “CSC is co-sponsoring this benefit because our community loves Candye so much and she is such an inspirational sex-positive, body-positive activist. We just can't imagine the world without Candye Kane!"

All Candye, All Night –BBQ Pit! Bake Sale! Raffle Items! Drink Specials!

Wednesday, July 23rd. The El Rio. 3159 Mission Street, San Francisco.
Doors: 7pm. Show: 8pm. Admission is $10 - $20 sliding scale. 21+ Only.

For more information please contact Lady Monster at: ladymonster@earthlink.net or visit www.myspace.com/fortheloveofcandye
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