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John McCain Is A Chicken Shit

I know, it's been too long. I've had a HELL of a month -- mostly good, but jammed. For exampl, last Thursday I saw Spearhead at the Catalyst, Saturday I saw Louis Black at Berserkely, and Sunday I saw the 49'ers trounce the lions at Candlestick in SF.

But aside from assuring everyone that I'm okay, I just HAD to say it -- John McCain is a chickenshit liar with bad judgement and worse advisers. How else do explain his weak attempt to avoid debating Obama this Friday night? I mean, so Wall Street screwed itself and is asking for 700 billion of OUR money -- that's not a crisis on our part, but a massive case of poor planning on theirs.

After all, if *I* could see this coming years ago, so could they. I wonder how much all of those juicy bonuses would make up the difference? Can you see their heads implode if we propose a 100% tax on any bonus over the last three years to anyone who was a member of one of those failed firms executive teams?

And don't get me started on Sarah Palin. When do we get our "McSame/Failin'" bumper stickers, or do I have to make them myself? CafePress, here I come!
Tags: political rant
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