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Apparently Calling It As he Sees It

So, McChicken caved... some would say flipped... and will attend the debate tonight. Just in time for WaMu to fail (right on time!).

Did you know he won the debate?

Seriously -- even though the debate doesn't happen until tonight, McCain is posting ads saying he won, complete with quotes from his campaign manager. You can't make this stuff up, folks. He hasn't uttered a single word to a single question, but he beat Obama -- hands down.

Oh, and he doesn't get to complain about Obama and town meetings anymore -- did you know during the View debacle, Barbara Walters guaranteed that she could get Obama to show up. Any time, any place.

The "catch"? Baba Wawa wanted 30 minutes with Sarah Palin.

(crickets chirping)

Ah, that inherent sexism in the McShame campaign! As one columnist has put it, they wouldn't be hiding her if she was a MAN. And it's not an academic question: Remember Dan Quayle?

I'm glad to say no one attacked me (as yet) for my statements on McBush. I'm almost disappointed -- I was all ready to point out that the reason McCain went into congress is that his military career was over after that POW thing. Something about PTSD and command roles not mixing well. So now he wants to have his fingers on the button? I suspect that's why the military is breaking heavily for Obama.

Michele thinks that there's a potential that McCain is playing to lose because the Shrub doesn't intend to relinquish his office. She's not exactly the tinfoil hat type, so you have to wonder about things like an Army battalion being posted stateside to deal with "civil unrest" (Posse Comitatus Act be damned!), for the rather bizarre reason that the assorted National Guards are... you guessed it... in Iraq. Even if it's just beaurcratic stupidity, it sure looks pretty fucking bad.

And then there's this pseudo-crisis. The same president who vetoed any expansion of SCHIP -- health coverage for chidren, for goddess sake -- by even a paltry amount over 10 years because it would be, like, a billion or so -- because that would be SOCIALISM.

What the FUCK do you call it when you support a bunch of financial firms (most of which gave out several BILLION in bonuses just in the past year... yes, the same year we all lived through when they all tanked) to the tune of 700 billion, no strings attached?

The republican's have abdicated any right to call democrats "Tax and Spenders". Not when they're driving this country into ruinous debt.

I'm thinking Obama by a landslide.
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