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Learning When to STFU (or not...)

Minnesota. Kim hails from there. Two of her friends are vacationing here in California, so the timing for this is perfect.

It's also home to this neo-fascist bitch who needs to be schooled as to what country she lives in.

The second clip has the whole sordid interview as it happened in 1957 today.

Note that she pulls a Palin -- she never actually answers the specific question, posed in about 4 different ways, of what she MEANS by anti-American. Hint: it's usually "they won't do, say or think what I tell them to!", which can be boiled down even further to "they won't agree with me, damn them!", but those just illustrate what a over-used douche bag she is, and thus does not inspire the kind of fear that would drive people to her man McShame.

What's fun about this is that I'm tempted to drop her opponent (oh, didn't I make it clear that she's running for deselection?) a few bucks, something I wouldn't have done prior to this point, simply because I didn't know he existed. He does have a funny name (Elwyn "El" Tinklenberg), but that never stopped someone for running for congress (and winning) before. Visit his site and, as they've been saying this cycle, toss his opponent an anchor.
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