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Twenty - Twenty - Twenty Four Hours to Go...

...Why yes, I DO want to be sedated.

I have used a phrase in the past that has either confused or illuminated people -- "Poetry demands it." The latter group instinctively groks what the former shall have explained: There are just some circumstances in life where everything plays out in a certain way, a way that just plots out with a rhythm and reason that sings out "destiny!", that the next moves are almost pre-ordained in their progression.

I recall watching the Mets play in the world series in 1986. They were a strike away from losing it all in game six -- when they perpretrated one of the best comebacks in sports history. I knew my down-trodden team would win against the Red Sox, curse of the Bambino or no. I didn't have the phrase in mind yet, but it was that sense of poetic affirmation that made game 7 moot in my mind -- and they went on to win the series.

When Apple bought NeXT, and brought Steve Jobs back to Apple. Within moments of hearing the surprise announcement (many have since forgotten that the hot rumor was that Apple was looking to acquire BeOS instead) I declared "Well, that's that. Within a year, Steve will be in complete control of Apple again... Poetry demands it." In my mind Steve had spent his forty days in the desert by creating and building up NeXT, and thus his return was of the prodigal hero, ejected ignobly from his homeland only to return triumphant. 10 years later people are still amazed at how right I was. To be blunt, so was I.

I've watched in horror, often posted here, as this country was taken over and run by children. In many ways it's something I've been witnessing my entire like, starting with Nixon's betrayal of the Constitution and growing worse through Reagan's increasing senility. Carter was barely a blip, Bush senior was an extension of Reagan, and the only bright spot, Clinton's two terms, was marred by a deluge of neo-con republican's hell bent on proving Nixon in the right -- never mind the cost to this country. It should be no surprise to us in hindsight that the democrats lost both houses and the presidency: They had channeled their opposition to playing a form of political "keep away" with all offices, only the republicans actually USED the office they obtained, while the dems tried to not offend anyone while they had it.

Tomorrow we could witness the first time the democratic in the white house was elected as a DEMOCRAT -- and not as an alternative to the republicans. Sure, there are some, especially registered republicans, who are voting for the first black president as the only winning alternative to their own party, but even I have come to view the bulk of Obama's stance to at least not be one that would completely reject my own.

There is that sense of overwhelming inevitability: That there are elements of fate to Obama's amazing progress. I've almost felt sorry for the competition that was McSame/Failin' -- it seems like every move that McCain could concoct was countered, not just by already established facts (which rarely stopped the republican attack machine over the last 30 years), but by chance events. A prime example was Obama's descision to suspend his campaign to visit his dying grandmother, the woman who raised him.

McCain made derisive comments about how the office of president demanded someone who wouldn't just drop everything to run off to a sick family member. I was shocked and disgusted by such a cynical attempt to paint Obama as irresponsible for the mere act of taking about 24 hours to fly to Hawaii, spend some time with this person who rescued Obama when his mother died of cancer (while battling insurance companies!) when Obama was 8 years old. I turned to Roni and exclaimed, "God help him if she dies never seeing her grandson elected as the first black president of the United States".

If that wasn't bad enough, McCain sought to distract this country's populace from his own financial shortcomings (including several cases where he knowingly broke campaign finance law) by attacking Obama for taking his campaign jet to Hawaii to pay his last respects to his grandmother. He didn't have the balls to do it himself he had the California Republican Party play the sock puppet for him:
Obama for America violated federal law by converting its campaign funds to Senator Obama's personal use. Senator Obama recently traveled to Hawaii to visit his sick grandmother...Therefore, the Obama Campaign violated the FEC's ban on "personal use" of campaign funds when it paid over $100,000 for the Campaign's charter to fly to Hawaii without obtaining reimbursement from Senator Obama.
This would be the same law that McCain himself has flouted using his wife's company jet FREE OF CHARGE -- for his entire campaign. And, because poetry demands it, Obama's grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, died this morning around 2AM PST. In other words, she was already gone as this states increasingly desperate and sloppy party of the Neonuts filed an objection to Obama having the TEMERITY to use the campaign jet to get to her in time... just over a week ago.

I just saw a comment on the linked Washington Post article that struck me -- how Obama would sometimes let McCain slide during the debates, even when McCain was lying, bald faced. The commentators point was that sometimes you can do far more damage by keeping your mouth shut (much in the way Chris Matthews let Michelle Bachmann hang herself with her "anti-america" diatribe on Hardball.

I'm with many of the more bloodthirsty pundits who don't just want to see the republican's beaten tomorrow, they want them demolished -- so shredded and demoralized that they simply cease to exist as a major political party. That, in the closing weeks, the biggest argument to vote for ANY member of their party is to avoid the risks of "one party rule" is an open acknowledgment of that probability, as was McShames abdication in light of tomorrow's denouement on Saturday Night Live last weekend. Even as he insists that he's going to prove the pundits wrong tomorrow, he allowed himself on stage with Tina Fey as she hawked "Palin 2012" on a fictional QVC political broadcast and sale.*

A lively talk with a Canadian** at work produced a variation on a journal post I made here over 5 years ago -- that the real problem with the Republican party is they've drunk their own kool-ade, and may actually BELIEVE that things are closer than they really are. Remember Karl Rove's "Math" comment just before the 2006 election? I think turd-blossom really believed that, just by saying it was so and clapping really, REALLY hard, that his "permanent republican majority" (what happened to the risk of one party rule, guy?) would be a shining bright reality.

Wednesday, November5, 2008, I want to look around and see a lot of republicans with bloodshot eyes wringing their bloody raw hands in sheer, unadulterated misery. My biggest regret is that blood is not their own.

* I loved the 10 blank dishes McLame was pushing as "commemorative town meeting" plates -- completely ignoring the idea that he might have been WORSE off if he had gotten his wish. 7 more chances for Obama to show you up as a doddering old man screaming "hey you kids, get off my lawn!"? That's almost as bad as Senator "Intertubes" Stevens insisting on a speedy trial on corruption charges -- only to be declared guilty on all seven counts less than a week from the election. From all accounts, if he'd just let the wheels of justice grind, he could have won the election for the republican's and had Governor Palin appoint a replacement.

** I only mention his nationality because he makes a perfect discussion partner for these topics -- since he works here, he's aware of the issues, but doesn't have quite the same vested interest in party affiliations or platforms.
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