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The Cable Chronicles (Part the Second)

When I first floated the heresy to Roni that maybe, just maybe, we could live without cable TV, she was skeptical. I can understand that -- over the last 35 years cable has become an essential in many minds.

That's why I was willing to consider the idea of making peace with ComCast. The events of Wednesday put that idea to the test.

Thursday may have killed it completely.

I was already late on Thursday when I got home. I had plans to hang out with Michele for a few hours, but a customer call I picked up at 3:50 PM didn't end until after 6:30. Michele was wonderfully understanding -- it's the gig, after all. I wrapped up all the things I had planned on doing that last hour, and rushed home, nearly two hours later than expected.

To find Roni ready to strangle ComCast.

There was nothing on. Literally.

With a sinking feeling I told Roni to call ComCast. Why sinking? Because I could already tell what had happened.

Remember, a little over 24 hours earlier I was trying to determine why I hadn't been transitioned yet. The reason I called then was the fear that they would cut us off from AP&T before the switch. I said this every time I connected with someone -- Is there something I needed to do? Something ComCast needed to do? Other??

After a very annoying exchange with someone who was defensive and rude enough to talk over me while I was talking (gah, I *hate* that!!), that was exactly what had happened. Despite mutiple calls the day before, and the fact that my record indicated that I hadn't switched because of a work order Saturday, they had shut down AP&T cable for my block. Because of the way the cacble box is configured, we couldn't even watch the HD video we had recorded there previously in the week.

I had to leave, which was frustrating -- Roni was demanding to talk to a supervisor who, it turns out, could do nothing. It seems even though the number is staffed 24/7, it couldn't deal with the "hard" errors such as this one until between 1 and 5 PM Friday.

Kim, bless her, readily agreed to be our cable sitter. I suggested she come early to straighten things up, make sure that nothing embarassing or untoward was in plain sight, and so on.

Good thing she was there -- she had barely enough time to stash the sex toys and take care of the recycling when ComCast Came a Knockin', at 10:30 AM. That's right, they appeared 2 and a half hours BEFORE the already absurd appointment window. Which would have been less aggravating had they called before arriving, as promised.

At least they completed the transisiton -- we're now on the new line-up, and my cable modem speed tests quadripled for download speeds, and were almost 10 times faster for uploads. Thank goodness for small favors!

Something that came up when I was lamenting this to Roni Wednesday night was a tad terrifying to contemplate.

Think about the times you're on your best behavior -- first dates, meeting the parents, starting a new job, starting a new school... It's a first impressions thing, usually. In many ways, the shotgun marriage that is the AP&T buyout was a chance for ComCast to "dress for success" in a customer service sense.

Instead, they pretty much showed up at the door in closed they've slept in for a week, a haircut that looks like it was perpetrated by an epileptic FlowBee™ "suck cutter" off of it's medication, and a boquet of dead flowers stolen from a local gravesite.

Now, even Roni's digging the "cut the cable" concept. Initially I'm thinking of keeping the net connection, and if they piss me off sufficiently (which won't take too much at this point!!), I'll take a look at my DSL options. Slowsky, my ass -- having faster connections is useless if you cap them.
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