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That's NOT What I Meant By "Pussy Whipped!"

Wow, three posts in one day?

Well, there are times when my faith in humanity is restored. After elfs noted that there has been an upsurge in sex negative groups attacking those of us who think it's none of their goddamn business, I was feeling a bit bummed. But then I heard about this in eleri's LJ about a cat named Dusty.

The shocking thing is that one of the most disgusting sites on the internet, 4chan, is at the root of the protect against horrific animal cruelty. Freaks and immature types all.

But there was still a line you just don't cross, no matter how freaky and weird you are. The image gallery of images condemning the freaks is heart warming. One of the great lines on the site:
Then phone calls start being made. First to the Mother, who confirmed that she had a son named Kenny and that he had a cat named Dusty. The Anonymous calling the mother explained what happened and the mother replied with that she would take away his dirtbike.
His DIRTBIKE? Really??

I disagree that they should be tried as adults (that's applying an unequal standard, in my opinion -- if they don't have adult rights, then saddling them with adult penalties seems capricious, at best), but they do need some serious fucking help. These are the kind of kids that graduate to the Oh, So Hilarious "M-80 up a cat's ass and lit" stunts.*

This is why regulating the internet is a waste of time -- we know what's really important here.

Remember kids -- pussies are for LOLS, not for whipping!

* To make this 100% clear -- anyone guilty of doing that to an animal should be force fed beans, made to wait an hour, and THEN have the same thing done to them. I'm hoping for a synergystic effect from methane production, but would settle for them shitting themselves as their ass explodes.
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