Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,


I'm so freaking excited I can't stand it.

Due to an unfortunate illness, a co-worker at work is unable to attend a certain concert tomorrow night. No worries, nothing life threatening -- the spouse is just under the weather enough that attending a Bruce Springsteen concert is not happening. As a fellow fan, I feel her pain, even as I gain.

Because I haven't seen the man since I saw him with (gag) Robin all those years ago. While even her presence in the memory can't sully it (I had better seats than Sean Penn, and got "Thunder Road" as an encore), I wanted another chance to see him. I tried to get tickets for this show when they went on sale, but they were, as usual, almost impossible to get.

Roni hasn't seen him live before, and is psyched -- ironically, she usually has therapy on Wednesday's, but she's participating in a class that's being filmed for a website, so she canceled tonight's session. Who am I to ignore such a blatant alignment of the universe?
Tags: personal fun
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