Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Facebook Steals My Face

I could blame kshandra  for this, but that would be disingenuous -- at best. After all, I laid this trap out for myself.

My last post I mentioned I had done a quick google search to confirm that "Yohannon Hadden" was a fairly unique name. It turned out to be a one-hit wonder -- I was forced to use a first AND last name, and my usual trick (doing Yohannon twice) didn't work (They has algorithms!), so I used my mother's maiden name. This resulted in the Koosh suddenly noting that I should tell people these things, and she "friended" me.

To be honest I haven't spent any time in that account, and it seemed like everyone was gravitating there -- so I started playing around with my home page, and started to notice the "friend suggestion" in the corner.

I almost fell over -- the first suggestion was for my former Garage.com manager, Will Mayall! Mind you I have NOTHING in my profile, and didn't even use my legal name -- Whiskey Tango FUCK??

I refreshed the page... and up popped Marilyn Wann.

At this point I was fairly freaked out, so I refreshed it again... and was greeted by Matthew Legare, whose house Linda spent so much time before moving down to Pasadena. I still have the papasan cushion he needed to get rid of that I made good use of.

That is about the creepiest thing I've ever seen.

The next thing I knew I was looking up people at random -- Neal Rosenstein and Mary Corda from college, E, Sarah-Jayne from the UK... and one after the other they popped up, sometimes with the first image I've seen of these people in over 25 years.

So while Facebook sometimes gives you the feeling of a certain bizarre Beatles song (check the date!) -- long winded, disjointed, disparate pieces of odd media strung together by a thinly applied veneer of repetition -- also like Revolution #9 it's strangely compelling. Fortunately I was able to shake off the thrall of looking people up and friending them before 2AM, so I was able to catch the Apple announcements live this morning (they just finished 20 minutes ago -- very intriguing stuff, captain!).
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