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Why They're Called "Used House Salesmen"

While anyone with any REAL expertise is saying a bottom to prices is years away (check out Patrick.net some time -- they actually echo a lot of the sentiments I've espoused here), the "realtor" leeches are pulling every trick in the book to convince buyers that they have the "special" deals that Just Can't Lose™. Take this shining example of ethics in action from Craigslist:

The pictures look okay... but bright boy (who actually posts a pic of himself in the last shot) makes a few mistakes:

Note the dates on the second and third shots -- from JANUARY of 2009. Wow, a "steal" that's been on the market for 8 months??

But an even bigger mistake is failing to crop that first shot just a tad more... because what's with that balcony I see along the right side?

The failure to give a full address is telling. Fortunately, Stoakes is only about 4 blocks long, and that distinctive coloring and fence are easy to spot on the used house salesmen's nemesis -- Google street view:

Well, that explains a balcony... it's for the two story apartment complex next door. And oh goody, is that a car repair place on the left side of the house? Well, at least you'll have some privacy in the backyard...

...Or not. Of all the houses on this particular street, this house stands alone, surrounded by apartment complexes, commercial establishments, and just a short walk from a busy intersection. But maybe it's still worth the loss of privacy and the noise.

I took a look at cyberhomes.com and discovered what the address was (115, for the sticklers in the audience), and they had some more interior pics. It's actually fairly nice inside -- if you ignore the truly horrific views. Similar housing in this area puts this place between 250K and 350K range -- so it's priced for the neighborhood. Both Zillow and CyberHomes have stopped presenting their estimates for housing for sale, which is clearly to the benefit of the realtor -- however, when other homes in the same area are priced lower, even the insane living square footage (I am terrified of what a "finished basement" in california would be like -- we simply don't have many here in earthquake country) can't make up for the crappy location, location, location. Given another year this place will likely be at 200K, in three below 150K, meaning the only "steal" here is whomever scores this sale. When you see that this place sold in 2004 for 640K, you know that a crime has already been committed somewhere.
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