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Yeah, Yo Lives -- And Has Survived the First Decade!

While not posting here as often as I once did, I still have a special place in my heart for LJ. For one thing, it helped me get through three years of unemployment (2001-2004), an all too brief sojourn at NASA to break the dry spell, a not brief enough return to retail (Apple Store, Burlingame!), and the discovery of my dream job at Perforce to round out the second half of the decade. This doesn't even include my stints at consulting and a short-lived dream of becoming purveyor of BBW erotica.

That was just my WORK history. My personal history, a large amount of which was chronicled here in this blog, has gone from the Nadir of 2004, during which the last connections to the Walking Kinkfest were snapped by Valerie, the rest were barely civil (at best), and the maelstrom that was Audra was starting to sweep over my landscape like hurricane Katrina, just as my marriage was breaking up, to Erika preparing to move in with Roni and I, married this past October 31st... and I just realized that I never managed to blog even about THAT. I haven't even finished the galleries, rife with mis-spellings and incomplete captions:

In many ways the marriage to Roni was what tied up most of my free time for the second half of the year -- yes, it's the lame ass cliché about being too busy living life to blog about it, although Elf Sternberg manages both the living life, blogging, and writing the best damn stories (sorry, I've recently sat down to re-read the journals from the beginning for the first time since I read them in... christ, 1995?) on the 'Net.

If I did resolutions I suppose one would be to stop wasting time doing things of limited utility to my life. I mean, how much porn can one man need, especially since lately the best porn for me has been the stuff I make for myself? 

I blame giving up cable TV -- I suspect that watching less television has given me a lot more free time, especially during hours when I'm awake and Roni and Erika aren't. I could be spending that time writing, even if it's only for myself. You know, for fun. I used to do that when all I had to write in was a leather bound book that no one would ever read.

I was using hyperbole regarding the "porn" comment, by the way -- I'm usually just surfing the next looking for geeky information, like how to hackintosh the Dell Mini 10V (works perfectly, as it turns out), getting a deal on some obscure computer bits, or constructing fantasy systems for that time when I'm ready to upgrade.

At this point, Erika and Roni are tempting me with visions of Yhatzee by the fireplace while we await the end of this bloody decade. What a fucking mess.

Yet in so many ways, it's all working out. We got rid of that moron Bush. Michele and I reconnected. Roni and Erika fell in love. I found Esther and Kim. Too many things were so screwed up, but somehow the world brought the good things back together.

To the next decade -- may it rock in spite of our selves.
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