Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Aside From The Bad-Ass Biker Wannabees and the Wine Tasting Twits, How Was Your Weekend?

It went very well. Of course, I have difficulty imagining not having a good time at Harbin.

Roni and I got home by about 7, and I've just now managed to catch up with some of my online "stuff", both of us exhausted. I plan to make this a mere blip, as I really need to crawl off to bed myself. I'll be sure to do a complete update and respond to some comments tomorrow, I promise.

If a single phrase could describe some of the more interesting aspects of this weekend it would have to be a line from an astrology text describing what it would be like to live as an Aquarian I read some 25 years ago: "Cheer you or jeer you, they'll always know your name". I'll let you ponder that while I snuggle up to the red-head and catch up on some sleep.
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