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Spinning Murder (With Update Goodness)

[Edited to Add 4/7 2PM PST] Thanks to bunnybutt for the link to this post with a complete transcript/deconstruction of the video.

If ginmar can forgive the quote:

At 13:43, you can see ground troops carrying two tiny bodies in their arms, running for the tanks. At least they're human. The chopper pilots respond. "Guess their parents shouldn't have brought them to a battle."
Where should they have brought them? To America? Where Iraqis are not granted refugee status? Or is it just that they had the temerity to believe that it was their country, not some piece of annexed American territory?
I would add that it's also pretty hard to avoid a battle when you had no fucking idea one had been scheduled in the first place.

So I just unfriended drewkitty for buying into the collateral murder coverup by pushing the "official" line in this sickening post. Obviously, I support the freedom of anyone to have an opinion. On the other hand, I'm often surprised when people think that means that they won't get called suckers.

The abhorrent assumption that the so-called "laws of war" give the jacked up psychopaths who give good soldiers a bad name the right to do what they did. Even if you ignore the fact that we commited a war crime invading Iraq (there's no such thing as a preemptive war -- google "crime against peace" sometime) there's the simple fact that the people who were murdered were unarmed and attempting to assist someone who was severely wounded.

I need to make something absolutely clear: this is NOT a Vietnam-esque tarring of all soldiers as "baby killers". This is the sickening cover up of a full scale cluster fuck, one that the Bush cabal knew would hurt the political aspirations of rich white male Americans.

The saddest part of this is that, as usual, the cover up likely made this a far worse situation: if the thugs dishonoring their uniforms had been court-martialed, this likely wouldn't have been more than a minor blip in this country's consciousness. As it stands it's part of the never ending legacy of blood that The Shrub left us.

For ultimately it's his hands drenched in the blood of those people, along with the blood of thousands of other innocents who died because he wanted to show up his daddy.

I loved that line he used to push -- the one where he would as if anyone believed people would have been any better than under Hussein. The bitter truth is that we've done a far better job killing off the Iraqi people than the combined forces of Saddam and Iran ever could have dreamed of, all while presenting the perfect recruiting tool for al queda.

Good riddance. And I can only console myself that in same alternate reality where the rule of law isn't just a convenient catch phrase for our leaders on both sides of the aisle where Bush the much lesser is tried, convicted, and hung just as Saddam was.

Firing squads, after all, are for honorable men.

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