Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Weighing In On The Latest Non-Controversy...

I've been hearing a lot of panicked conversation regarding some of the new cross posting functionality between LJ and FaceBook, Twitter, and so on.


Look, I believe that people have a right to privacy, but if you believe that there's some sort of fortress around your life that somehow is made less impermeable because of this feature, you simply have not noticed that people can access your lives anyway. Even without the 'Net. Privacy is a myth, a construct that makes us feel somehow more secure that we won't be attacked for our thoughts and beliefs.

In my mind "privacy" means that people don't have a right to complain if they look over my back yard fence and see me gardening in the nude. The fact that I *do* garden in the nude will be patently obvious to anyone who peeks. If they are so crass as to "reveal" this information publicly, the only way to deal with it is to point out how sad it is for someone to be concerned about what they see when they shouldn't be looking in the first place, and drop the matter. If they refuse to, then it's time for other remedies -- like a cease and desist.

Freaking out about the possibility that someone sees me gardening naked does not eliminate the probability of it happening. The best one can do is to be oneself as honestly as possible, and then to refuse to back down when people assume that revealing a nude gardener in their midst will somehow shame me out of the neighborhood.

I do, and then don't. Shaming me does not have the intended effect anyhow.

So I've turned on the feature that allows me to cross post to FB. I rarely post locked posts, so if you want to post your comments to your FB, I have no problem with that. For some of you that will be the only way you can "respond" to my posts, including those of you who refuse to let sleeping dogs stay asleep. I am not into equine necrophilic flagellation, but if you wish to display your S&M preference for such things, knock yourself out.
Tags: personal rant
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