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Nope, Still Cowards.

 Wow, that touched some nerves,

Apparently it shows a lack of compassion to not acknowledge how hard it is for some of the  queer youth of today. Here's a free clue: 

I can't feel compassion for people beyond the point of accepting it. Outside of whatever religious/spiritual stories we place out faith in, however much we can, our gatherings and shows of force have little to do with the people that died. Oddly enough, some have chosen to view this as a somehow a form of self-centeredness. When I use my own experiences, it's to make clear that even when being abused by my family, by my school mates, and by complete fucking strangers, having to face that relentless homophobia myself, I did NOT succumb. I knew people who did. And, quite frankly, it's the most selfish, cowardly, and cruel thing to do to the people who would love them. Who could have supported them.

Instead, they walled us out and left us behind to wonder what the fuck we did wrong.

Which is why I won't wear purple. Because I'm not going to let the deaths of these who are too weak to fight this fight gain any sort of traction as a somehow viable form of protest. It's not a fucking protest, it's self-murder. No, kids, not everyone is going to coo about how hard your life is, and how everyone will embrace your death as a wake-up call for actions -- quite frankly even if you couldn't find the strength to be that action, you could have given others that chance to defend you, to help you.Instead they get their wish -- they're beyond all pain now. Instead, we get to carry the knowledge that we must have missed something, we must have done something wrong.

To be honest I'm started at the sheer vehemence of your response -- do you really think a hale and hearty "fuck you!" could possibly sting as much as knowing that you would never love me as much as I do you?? I think a childish insult over my fundamental disagreement over the point of those suicides is somehow going to "show me" what a douchebag you think I am? Kinda already got the hint. I would have hoped you could have just told me directly, instead of the passive aggressive blog post.

Killing yourself means they let the bigots win. They managed to convince you that you were so damaged, so worthless, that killing yourself was a great idea. Think about that -- something that I have fought for the last 47 years to hold onto, no matter what massive pile of crap has been thrown at me, is so easily considered worthless. And it gives them such strength, knowing they can drive the fags and dykes and transgendered types that hoit their widdle bwains into taking themselves out. Other closeted queers see how quickly people fold, which makes the anticipation of the abuse almost as bad as the abuse itself.

Wearing purple is not going to do shit to make people more tolerant or empathic. What needs to happen, that day and any other, is that people form groups that call people on that shit. Numbers scare them. And if they try to fuck with you, kick them in the nuts until they sing soprano permanently.

The kumbuya shit isn't cutting it. Turning the other cheek is only getting peoples asses kicked. It's time we start honoring those who fought back, and who hurt the asshole bigots more than they hurt us.... not the ones who couldn't be bothered to stand by our sides for this fight. I'm sorry you couldn't be bothered to ask me more about why I felt the way I did.
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