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Why Does it Hurt... When I BREATHE...

So yesterday was a really good day. I was "on" in that weirdly zen-like brilliant way I can find when I relax, fall into chaos, and find the gems amongst the noise in my head. I really needed that.

Today is still going well (knocks on wood yet again), save for the pain when I breath in. It feels like my lungs are rubbing against the inside of my chest, and it freaking HURTS. I'm not having any of the usual asthma or allergy symptoms, and pain is actually not in those wheelhouses anyhoo.

I've done that "what the fuck did you breath in the last 24 hours?" review, and I can't think of what it could be, and that, as always, makes me nervous. No, I don't think it's serious (as in "get me to the ER" serious), but it's annoying. I don't even have the excuse of over working or exercising.

Fortunately, I don't have anything major I NEED to do tonight, so I may just take something to relive it for the time being and revisit tomorrow. If it gets worse, I'll need to follow my own damn advise and go see a doctor. JOY. (/sarc)
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