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George Bush -- Nixon Done Right?

Well, when I first read this, I was stunned. Shocked even. And people who know me KNOW of my raging cynicism when it comes to our supposedly democratic republic:

In Which The Shrub Ensures A Well Organized Rally

Thanks to browngirl for the original link.

I am disgusted beyond belief. Amongst the orwellien highlights:

- Turning your back, without so much as making a sound, is considered "disturbing the peace".
- News stories are being altered to omit the salient details of either protest or suppression of same.
- Crowds are being manipulated into producing the required response for propaganda purposes.

Gods, I've seen almost every one of those items used as a warning sign or outright indication of a fascist regime, ironically oftimes by our own government. Remember the cold war? I'm starting to wonder if we lost.

I'm starting to think that the Shrub isn't as popular a fellow as he's been made out to be. How many of those polls are manipulated? Cracks in his little war have been showing up, the most telling being the signs I've been seeing turning up on churches.

Folks, the first inidication that the government has lost support for any given action or direction can be found in the MAINSTREAM churches. Not the extreme right wingers, who would like to think they're mainstream -- I'm talking about the decent religious moderates, people who take to heart the more important teachings found in every major religion. Those are the ones you saw at the forefront of almost every major political change, such as the Civil Rights movement, or the first real resistence against the Viet Nam "conflict".

I disagree on one important point in the above journal link. I believe that protest can be an ongoing thing. A bumper sticker, a t-shirt, a conversation at work, school, across the fence...and even what's happening right here, on LiveJournal, is what can cause that slow, inexorable shift in public perception.

Let's start ignoring the propaganda, and start asking the tough questions, and not stop asking them until we get straight answers. Polticians rely on their ability to avoid saying yes or no...it's time we demand that they learn that we're no longer the easily distracted fools they hope we are.
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