Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Quake? What Quake?

To be fair I did wake up briefly Sunday morning during the dark moments before dawn. I barely registered "must be a quake" before falling back asleep.

I have an app for that, as it turns out, that is tuned to only the west coast and environs for 5.0 quakes and larger, so I saw the alerts that there was a 5.7 north east of American Canyon by a few miles. I knew the area, because it was considered at one point as a new location for northern faire, but the usual idiots ("Renaissance Pleasure Faires teach witchcraft and EVIL!" I only wish I were kidding) scuttled the American Canyon location. I still didn't think anything about it, as if it was that close (substantially closer than Loma Prieta, to be sure!) it couldn't have been that bad. Hell, our pictured hadn't even gone crooked on the walls.

Then Roni got a concerned text from Charlie Adler, a friend of hers from VoiceTrax. Charlie's in the Lost Angeles area, so he's no stranger to quakes and the like, and he is NOT the kind to freak out at such news, so I was starting to wonder what was up.

Roni put on the pre-season Niner's game (which they won! W00t!), and I finally saw a news blurp about "dozens injured, several critically" and photos/vids of the damage. Which was way more considerable than you would think it would be.

That's when I ran for my phone -- I've finally gotten my mother trained on basic California geography (to reduce the panicked calls regarding disasters upwards of a thousand miles away), and KNEW that she would see "Napa", remember that "hey, hey talk about doing day trips up that way!" and...

...sure enough there was a missed call and voicemail. ARGH!

Called her back, and assured her that not only were we okay, there wasn't so much as a cracked plate here.

Quakes are weird damn things. Loma Prieta was 60 miles away from San Francisco and Oakland, where most of the worst damage was. Last weekends quake was a shade over half that distance. While the local shaking for Napa was intense (huzzah to the USGS!) everywhere else in the SF Bay Area was barely jolted awake. Compare that to this incredible animation of the Loma Prieta shake intensity. Crazy...

[Edited to add: Oh, and there's that risk that this fault system just put pressure on another in a lovely example of tectonics dominoes -- for example, the long over due to blow North Hayward fault. The one I live nearest too those days. Oh JOY.]
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