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June...Where The Hell Is June?

Well, It's been a busy week. I've suddenly found myself making some money doing the whole Rotunda Artworks thing, in a way I hadn't thought of before.

Since my goal is to produce high res, high quality image portfolios of BBW erotica, I was finding myself with literally thousands of images that I couldn't use. Some were due to technical issues (I screwed up the white balance, focus, lighting, etc.), most were salvagable if I were willing to make the pics smaller, or run them through some PhotoShop scripts to fix some of the more egregious photo sins (I had several hundred pics that turned out a dark orange for reasons I'm too embarrassed to reveal here that were fine after much such massaging) and (again) ignore the fact they weren't perfect.

Since I had plenty of pics that DIDN'T require that sort of effort, I simply tossed them into a "do not use" folder and forgot about them. In the interests of history (and the fact I still enjoyed the pics myself) I didn't delete them. This turned out to be a Very Smart Thing.

I have a friend who runs a BBW web site in Florida. A big girl herself, she has actually amassed quite the collection of BBW models (I think something like 150 at last count), and over 150,000 images posted online. However, as fast as she amasses stuff, she has to keep adding new material to keep her subscribers happy (one of the reasons I opted NOT to run a similar site myself).

Making a meandering story a little more succinct, I found myself selling her my unused pics, non-exclusive (meaning I can sell them again!), with links back to MY site for selling the CD-ROM's. Over the next week or so I will be selling enough photos to actually almost break even with every cent I've laid out thus far, even after I give the models their cut. Just one more sale like that, and I could find myself actually making money.

That's if I don't sell a single other CD-ROM...and if everything else goes well, I don't think that'll be a likely outcome.

So, let's see...I finished packaging and burning steelmagnoliaca's and Roni's collection (wow...1280 pictures), several copies of wickedladybear's disks (one for her GF dcatt, who's thinking of doing a shoot with her, and one for wickedladybear to give away on her radio show on Dominate Radio), a couple of rough CD's to give kshandrawhen I see her tomorrow, producing the first few sets of material for the aforementioned web-site, packing for the Vegas Bash, and generally catching up with my life with Michele, which turned out to be a good thing in general.

While I will be bringing the computer (mostly as a way of off-loading the camera), I doubt I'll be able to update until after I get back (maybe the 1st, more likely the 2nd). I have at least 4 photoshoot lined up the first couple of weeks in July, and probably at least two down south before I fly to Atlanta the first week in August, both models I haven't shot before.

Only now...It feels more like I can justify these trips, because I'm actually making money. Cool.
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