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Another Wild Week!

What a packed week. After the shoot of Jenni on Thursday, wherein I got some of the best shots of her yet, I ran up to the city to take care of Roni. Poor thing was apparently bit by a spider, which promptly abscessed something fierce. Even the UrgentCare docs were surprised with the degree of infection. It's a LOT better today...I'll spare y'all the truly gross details.

Speaking of "y'all", the surprise I had lined up to take Roni and Gene to the Indigo Girls concert in Bezerkely Greek Theater went EXTREMELY well, though Roni spotted the tickets in my shirt pocket and hazarded a guess as to what they were for. She had noticed the sold out show in the local "pink pages" and wondered why Rob hadn't let us know about the show (Rob is on almost ALL Indigo Girls related mailing lists).

It was Gene's first show...he's a MAJOR fan, but had managed to miss almost every opportunity to see them. Even better, the weather was incredible (the Greek is an outdoor venue) and the show was fantastic. They played some of the new album, but also trotted out some excellent old ones -- Closer to Fine, Galileo, Least Complicated, Power of Two and (to my complete and utter delight) my personal fave, Kid Fears (much tear streaming during the sing-along on the one...which at the end took up the Michael Stipe part perfectly). Matt Brubeck sat in on Cello (he had toured with them a couple of years ago) on a few pieces, notably "Faye Tucker", which included the blistering Cello and Accordion duet (don't sneer until you've seen it....or at least heard it).

Ran into a few people I knew, which is always fun.
Anyway, the next thing this weekend is to meet up with Terri in Santa Cruz for some serious photo shooting. There will be a side trip to Fremont to retrieve the battery charger I managed to leave there, damn it.
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