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Ok, Now that THAT'S Off My Chest...

Well, I suddenly find myself working like crazy...for reasons I can't divulge (they asked me nicely not to) I find myself with the opportunity to actually make some consistent money from the web content side of the Rotunda Artworks business. Ironically, I now have to hustle like crazy to take even more pictures of naked fat girls, with a model pool that's been hit by a broken arm (steelmagnoliaca) a nasty spider bite infection (my lovely LadyBug, Roni), sudden employment (a new model, "Tess"), and general trouble getting the scheduling and distance issues straightened out.

Fortunately, I've managed to get some of it worked out. It also looks like I'll have at least 3 new models shot by mid August, plus another lovely lady I met in Vegas who says she's willing to drive to California from Salt Lake City (yes, in Utah!) to pose for me both solo and with Marsha. (shakes head in wonderment)

Speaking of SteelMagnoliaCA, Val is flying up tonight from San Diego (planned BEFORE the mishaps occurred). I'll probably have to leave here (Roni's place in SF) by 5ish, as (like a complete idiot) I managed to leave the one thing important to a photoshoot at home. Yes, I forgot the (ratzen fratzen) camera. (insert heavy sigh)

Ah well...shit happens.

So, I need to get back to work...I still have a site update to finish, some database work to complete (or at least flesh out a bit), and so forth.
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