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Yes, I Said "Hit and Run"

Some damn fool tried to make the left off of Webster onto MacAllister and clipped a cab, then bailed. The cab made chase, leaving me yet another unresolved story. Did he catch up with the guy? Ram him? Get his license? Or did the other guy turn around and take a piece out of the driver as he had the cab?

Peter Beagle delights in writing in little vignettes into his books, passing stories that are left unresolved, and yet happen to us all. Random bits of life, like running into cute chubby scooter babe yet again, this time on the corner of Mission and 2nd, her "Jail to the Chief" bestickered helmet confirming it wasn't ANOTHER plump cutie two wheeling her way westward, presumably toward the sunset district.

Like all the booted cars I've been seeing of late. You know, those wheel locks that don't discriminate between types of vehicles (Roni delights in the telling of the time a late model white stretch Limo was seen, immobilized by the bright yellow contraption more commonly seen on lesser autos and trucks). My guess is it's a sign of the times...suddenly it's a choice between eating or paying the street cleaning/double parking/whatever spare space on the sidewalk you could find sorts of tickets that seem to plague San Franciscans. I silently thank whatever deity grants me my parking slots so easily that I have managed three years since my last city parking fee.

steelmagnoliaca's visit this last weekend was both oddly low key and fun. Of course, between Roni's and her injuries it could be no other way...yet Val put it best when she said "If I have to be miserable, at least I'm miserable here with you". Some might have been offended...I was touched beyond words.

After dropping her off at San Jose on Sunday, I did a shoot of "Tess", crammed into a three hour period Sunday night. The original plan had been to shoot during the day Monday, but she had gotten some temp work. Unfortunately, that job ended abruptly Tuesday, making our marathon session seemingly needless. Yet neither of us regrets the lack of sleep, for reasons best left between us.

Today was a bit of a down day for a bit...I managed to sort through some images, do a bit of marketing work, keep up some email exchanges...but I felt incredibly achey and painful, not to mention low energy. I felt like a lump, and probably looked it.

However tonight, between 10 PM and 1:30 AM, I was back "on". I also discovered that the 'Net really DOES make it possible to do serious amounts of business when you least suspect it possible, with three important contacts made (two of which I had been intending to make for weeks, despite several previous tries failing to do so). My spirits lifted and once again feeling like I was actually contributing to my own future, I decided to journal.

But then, there's one more thing.

Sunday I was doing some web searches for disabled resources in the south bay. Apparently the universe thought it would be amusing to spit back a result that included a phone contact list for an organization in the east bay, one that was alphabetical by first name. This is important, because one of the names would never have caught my eye otherwise.

"A" has an odd enough name, true...but the location of the center where I remember her living with "E", not to mention the fact that she was working in a field that she was putting considerable time and effort to reach as a goal, was too much of a coincidence. I dearly cared for A & E (a "lesbian" couple. btw, that, among many other things, gave me my very first experiences in the fine art of "fisting"), but a combination of factors (mostly my fault, I had thought) led to a complete break of our friendship. Even after 4 years it had bothered me how things had ended, which is usually a clue that it hadn't in some way. Out of respect for them, I had kept my distance...but this was too much of a cosmic clue-by-four upside my head.

I sent a note via email to the address, simply sending good wishes and the honest assertion that I was happy to see her exactly where she had wanted to be. My thought was there would be one of two responses -- that she would react coldly, or ignore the email altogether.

The thought that this was NOT the person I knew wasn't even a possibility in my mind.

I sent the note Sunday...on Monday I got a reply. I won't go into the details, as they aren't what's important.

At the very least, A missed me. I don't know if E does as well, but even if things don't go any further than the few emails we've exchanged, I feel like something was resolved, something important. It's funny...that keeps happening, the resolution of past conflicts, reconnections, and people reintegrating into my life in a positive way.

It feels like a lesson I'm finally getting the hang of. I just wish I knew what it was, exactly.
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