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Ego Boost -- Stimulant Banned by the Olympics

Well, a couple of people I didn't know actually IM'd me tonight to tell me how much they liked the web site. Also, that they read my journal regularly.

What is it about unexpected, unsolicited praise that gives me such a boost? I mean, I was feeling a bit odd, especially after one of my models ex-boyfriends tried to convince a web site owner that the pics were being sold illegally.

Fortunately the model in question managed to straighten him out before I had to think about how to explain the notion of "slander" to the poor fool.

Then, to distract me even more from trying to get some stuff done, E and F signed on. Phone calls, big beautiful women with great minds, and a constantly running set of scripts processing my latest pictures, and I'm sure that at SOME point I'll be able to focus enough to get it finished. Really.
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