Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

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  • Thu, 23:37: Wow... TPM doesn't do the wide screen OMGWTFBBQ Huff post style of headlines often. They save them for special occa… https://t.co/i2Tuq2T5L7
  • Thu, 23:47: Real integrity & honor must be a foreign language to @potus🍊💩🤥🕵🏻. Which means this was clicks & buzzes to him.… https://t.co/NYzC6GD1Ea
  • Thu, 23:57: God goddess, why am *I* exhausted? It's 3 hours earlier than EDT too. Oh yeah; Creeping terror that people I loved were about to be screwed.
Tags: #civicslesson, #dothemath, #gop, #jailtothechief, #realitycheckbounced, #resist, #resisttrumpcare, #scarymooch, #skinnybill, #whinylittlemitch, twitter
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