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Welcome to San Diego, However Briefly...

The drive down yesterday was loads of fun, though I managed to not leave until 2 PM (grumble) because of a slew of last minute issues. One involves paperwork I HOPE I can do today...I should be able to, thanks to a spare net connection here at Valerie's place...but more on that in a bit.

First, a milestone (literally): While travelling southbound on interstate 5, at 6:14 PM PDT, while passing through Lebec, CA, my humble 2000 New Beetle (bought 11/99) hit 100,000 miles. Appropriately enough Sheryl Crow was singing about life being a winding road. It can not be said I didn't USE this car.

I stopped off to see Linda in Pasadena. She wasn't up for a shoot (pout) but future plans have been made to make it possible fairly soon. Her Cat, Kali, who hasn't spoken civilly to me in YEARS, has apparently finally forgiven whatever transgression I may have done unto her.

The drive from Pasadena to San Diego was made in an exhausted fog. No, Linda did NOT wear me out...in fact, we didn't do much at all in the way of physical intereaction (though we DID snuggle a lot). I just felt wiped.

I got here almost eactly at midnight last night. Somehow I wasn't as tired as I thought when I crawled into bed with Val.

She mentioned last night that the house's cable connection had been down for the last day or two, and (in spite of recent personal revelations about my waning geekish tendencies) I promised to see if there was anything that could be done.

I slept like a ROCK. I mean, just completely and totally slept, no Ambien assistance.

Val woke me at about 10:30, calling me from work to say that Time Warner cable had reset things on their end. I wandered out, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, and saw that the cable modem (stuck in a utility room upstairs)was still claiming that there was no connection. Cycling the power a few times and checking the connections didn't help.

So she had the people at Time Warner call the house. He had me power it down and trace the cable...something I swear I would have done if it had been my house. I traced it through the attic space, where it dropped to the first floor. I went downstairs, and saw the door to that room was open, so I took a chance and looked into the room.

Someone had a) obviously just moved out of the room and b) taken 15 feet of coax between the room's cable drop and the cable dangling from the ceiling.

Sattinger's Law: It *always* works better when plugged in.

During Lunch with Val, I mentioned that it would take "30 seconds" to fix. She thought I was being flip. I timed myself, and it came to 35 seconds...but ten of that was due to the stupid coax tangling when I went to unroll it.

So, I have a network connection, and it's 5 PM. Flower is coming over tonight to visit, so I have a couple of hours to do the work I would have done this morning (sighs).

In closing a snippet from another LJ journal entry, in response to a controversial post from a BBW about making fun of a thin woman with her boyfriend (not to her face, I might add!). The original comment, I'm sorry to say, has apparently been deleted (which is a shame...my comment there was pretty damn good. I was in a rare mood that night!), which is why I'm copying the reply to it from browngirl's journal here:

I keep hearing "I wasn't saying she was correct". I find myself saying, "but does that mean she WASN'T correct?"

Jokes about drunk, brawling irishmen don't bother me for two reasons: One, I've KNOWN people of irish descent who fit those stereotypes to a "T". The other is, in spite of my heritage, I'm neither a drunk NOR a brawler. I am not a slave to the stereotype, and therefore the stereotype is an amusing fiction.

I honestly don't think the thin girl is the issue here: As I read the post she's not a victim of "defensive prejudice", except perhaps as the inadvertent archetype of all extremely thin women that we all know of. No one is denying her "personhood" or the right to live her life.

I don't think this would have risen to the level of commentary it has if people had just affirmed that the thin girl was just a much a human being as the rest of us, and left it at that. No, people feel this need to shame people into silence, if not retroactively or in the present, then from here on in. That's not education, that's repression, and it ALWAYS leads to more harm than good.

In their haste to be shown to be good, upstanding citizens, people tend to hammer people into the ground until they cry "MERCY!". "How would you like it, huh? Oh yeah, you already know what that's like...then you should have known better! You have NO RIGHT to talk like that!"

Of course, that's heavily paraphrased and condensed, but it's the gist. I know I'm going to hear some negative comments on my reply to her post. I'm going look for key phrases, like "that was uncalled for!", or "who do you think you are?" I'm going to be called names, veiled and openly.

And yet, it really IS a form of "violent agreement", at least on the surface: The point is we ALL have the right to say what we want. The PC battle cry of "not if it hurts others!" belies the fact that they really ARE just words. If they hurt, my first thought shouldn't be "Make them stop saying it!" but "WHY did that hurt me? What is within me that I use those words as a form of mental self-flaggelation?"

In other words: It was a joke. It was NOT at the expense of thin women everywhere...it was JUST a joke, mildly amusing at best. Stop trying to solve the worlds problems or address all the past wrongs by acting as if the stick was shoved up so far you suffer from chronic splinters in the hard palette. Debating whether it was "correct" or "incorrect" is moot...there is *no* statement a person can make that is, as a statement, incorrect... you are free to agree or disagree, but attacking the right for someone to discuss their reality is pointless.

I also admit I could be completely wrong. However, I'm not going to worry about it too much...I'm just going to do the best I can, just like the rest of you.


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