Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

A Week Without a Net!

Legend has it that there are rooms at the Westin Hotel in Downtown Atlanta that possess high speed net connections. I can safely report that several of those rooms (at least the three I saw) on the 43rd floor are not of that category.

Thus my plan to access the net, catch up on e-mail, and actual post an entry or two to the ol' livejournal was met with frustration. However, since I was having a reasonably wonderful time, my lack of a 'Net fix was not as painful as it would have been to some I know *cough* H *cough*.

I'm in San Diego as I type this, about to make my way north up the highways and byways of California. I am endlessly amazed at how much more comfortable I am in this state. That is, if you exclude the various bruises and welts obtained during the latest set of photos taken of Val and Flower (another 2000 shots to wade through for the web sales!).

A quick run down of the highlights:

E and I got to spend the most quality time of our odd relationship, including a lovely pool party at Mark's a friend of steelmagnoliaca's who, to be blunt, is far too generous. I'm hoping to do something nice for him one day to repay his constant ferrying about of E, Roni (who came in on Friday as E had to leave for home for a family function she couldn't get out of...one of the weeks LOW points), myself and Val.

The pool party was a hit, though I did have to watch al like a hawk...I she kept wanting to use the water slide, and I kept seeing up spending a good portion of the evening at urgent care.

E *loved* Val's friends, who were a total hoot, especially Stephen, a flaming southern fag who was so far out there I felt conservative. At one point he asked all these questions about being fat of E, who was bemused and happy to answer, particularly since he managed to surprise her with his choice of queries.

It was E's first time swimming in the nude (after dark, it was suits optional), which she absolutely LOVED. To record the event I decided to try some flash photos as she floated gracefully in the water. To my amazement, the shots were SPECTACULAR, reinforcing my desire that one day I will find a way to get her and F to pose together.

(Phone just rang: It was Val to tell me that Liz, her roomate/landlord, had INDEED mistook what "going wireless" meant. She had managed to take that to mean that she no longer needed the cable connecting the great wide world to her Cable Modem, and had removed the length between to two ends I had fixed LAST week, after an old roomie had moved out. At least this time I figured it out before a support call went into the cable company AGAIN.)

*Sighs* My main intent was to make this short, and it looks like I'm failing: There's simply too much to talk about. At this point we've made it to August 4th, and I still have to get driving.

One last thing: I did my part to fulfill browngirl's request for sending her post cards (which I can now mention since I've already done it!), by sending her post cards from San Diego, Atlanta and...Boulder Creek?! Well, it IS my home town, and she'll tell you that it's a very pretty place. There's a reason I live there, in spite of a mere 28.8 connection over crappy phone lines.

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