Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

And now...

Amber, bless her, has pointed me to this lovely waste of time. I worry that I love a woman who has a 57% match with DRU, goddess help me.

If you're utterly clueless as to why this is a bad thing...it's too complicated. Catch the re-runs (twice daily on FX! Woohoo!) and see the whole incredible story from the beginning.

These were my unfortunate results...

# 1 Buffy
# 2 Dawn
# 3 Xander
# 4 Anya
# 5 Willow
# 6 Cordelia
# 7 Faith
# 8 Giles
# 9 Oz
# 10 Tara
# 11 Angel
# 12 Angelus
# 13 Spike
# 14 Dru

Somehow, having my closest match be the SLAYER, (ack!) just makes me decidedly nervous. For one thing, I seriously doubt I could pull off even some of her SIMPLE flashy moves. I figured I would match, maybe, OZ (I haven't played in a band in a long time, and that was FAR from a pro gig!). Xander...he's the one *I* Identify with. Goofy. At heart a decent guy who wants to do the right thing, even if he is humiliated from time to time. A wicked sense of wit, even when facing probable death: There's a reason why even in slash it comes out so strongly. "Hello. I am Xanders prostrate. I am a happy thing."

Off to bed, damn it!
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