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Startled Yearling

So we have this young deer that likes to eat the cherries under our kitchen window, still with some of the white spots showing. It comes up over the back deck and snorfles around for whatever fruit is still left.

It usually only shows up once in a given day, so when I had seen it wandering through around noon, I thought it would be long gone when I went out to take a tub at 5 PM.

I get up on the deck, and hear a sudden clatter. I turn around, and there, legs spread in that classic young deer "oh SHIT!" pose, and staring at me with terror, is the aforementioned fawn, not more than 6 feet away. It stared at me for about half a minute, and then scrambled away in that comical, running so fast it skidded sort of way.

I couldn't help but crack up...it was like a bad cartoon. When I turned around, there was a doe (the fawn's mama) looking at me like "What was THAT all about?" She casually strolled toward to front of the house, where the fawn had taken off.

Sometimes life is like that.
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