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Crushing Gnat's Nuts (and other bizarre urges)

I have no idea where they came from, but Roni's room (here in lovely fog-bound SF) has suddenly been swarming with these obnoxious gnat-like insects (I'm assumning that's what they are). I wouldn't care, except they have this odd tendency to hover just in front of my face, making me smack myself trying to swat them away.

So, thanks to everyone who wrote out of concern at my brief abscence...these things happen, unfortunately. I know, there are people who view my journal as entertainment who are pining as well. That isn't sarcasm, by the way...I *like* the idea of being entertaining, at the very least.

What's annoying me more than the damn gnats at the moment is the fact that, just before a weekend with Val flying up to visit Roni and me, all at the house where Val gets to meet Michele and Rob, the same weekend as ConJose (the SF World Con), where we're supposed to meet Catt and Leslie for lunch...the same weekend I scored a gig to write a feature for a magazine (2500+ words, with illustrations), which is both a tasty writers resume item AND a nice chunk of much needed change...I'm getting sick. As in having the NyQuil at the bedside sick. I'm hoping it's just an allergy thing, and it'll be gone tomorrow. If not, I'll be dosing myself any way I can to get through the weekend (and the gig), and will render myself unconscious for most of the following week.

Meanwhile, I'm killing as many of these flying beasties as I can snatch. Even though they seem almost psychic at times, I've still managed to do in at least 18 of them. Tomorrow I hunt them to their source, where (and I'm sure I have a fever fueling this fantasy) I'm sure to find the great queen gnat, a giantess amongst her kind (almost the size of a marble!), and challenge her to a duel to the death.

(Yohannon fall down, go twitch)
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