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  • Mon, 17:00: RT @clmazin: In 1988, the worst thing I could say about Ted Cruz was that he was a miserable human being to live with. Today? He takes blo…
  • Mon, 17:16: Mixed Feelings: Knowing what a fuckup @potus🍊💩🤥🕵️ is, how many MORE would be on the wall if he had served?🤨… https://t.co/zPspAzqwC3
  • Tue, 10:47: This is a LONG thread. READ IT. Seriously, it's in-depth and thorough, and WILL piss off people who should know be… https://t.co/JqNocUyUPF
  • Tue, 10:53: AGAIN the "PeeWee Herman Defense"; "I know you are but what am I" silly/cute when he says it, not so much from whit… https://t.co/QexWPXQyIk
Tags: #jailtothechief, #muellertime, #russiantroll, #teamtreason, twitter
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