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Feeling a Bit Better

First, I crammed through about 2000 words of the article. Then I got a sweet reply from Val making me feel all loved and gushy. Roni took good care of me as well, bringing me lemonade and mashed potatoes (the only thing that sounded even remotely edible.

She noticed last night I had a fever, but apparently caught on to it just as it was breaking. I can say that I felt quite a bit better this morning then I did the night before, and as the day has progressed I can feel myself shake off...well, whatever the hell this was. I think the spicy wings last night helped to cook it out as well. The last drugs I had taken were last night at about 3AM, so I know this isn't about an almost lethal level of combined pain killers and cold meds talking.

One final sign of my improvement...I'm STARVING. I just shaved, scrubbed my teeth, and showered, and feel almost up to the drive down to San Jose to pick Val up at 8:30 -- just in time, as that's only three hours away. I might have to stop to grab something to munch on to keep me from gnawing on myself.
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