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  • Mon, 14:05: RT @SethAbramson: 2 days ago I wrote, "If you've been following the news closely, you'll know that in the last 48 hours a trap has closed o…
  • Mon, 14:15: Yeah, this is an angle I honestly never thought about; People accusing accusers of being liars after making everyon… https://t.co/Iq9WuHCjbL
  • Mon, 14:16: RT @meganamram: nazis are like cicadas: they come back every couple of decades or so and there are a ton of them in montana
  • Mon, 14:16: RT @Alex_Polinsky: I‘m trying to contact former castmate @ScottBaio and I am having no luck. I want to speak with him about the abuse I s…
  • Mon, 14:17: RT @SethAbramson: Folks—Alan Dershowitz is a Trump advisor. When you're one of the nation's foremost legal scholars and you go to a man's…
  • Mon, 14:29: RT @benwikler: BOOM: Add these folks to the GOP target list for pressure re the #GOPTaxScam. Real decisions will be made by leadership in H…
  • Mon, 14:32: RT @Oatmeal: What a mobile website is SUPPOSED to do. https://t.co/phFVa4iLIO
  • Mon, 14:54: Just liked and re-tweeted Mitt "47%" Romney. Bush Jr. (Das Shrub) no longer this country's WORST president. THE F… https://t.co/IUMBYerc9C
  • Mon, 15:01: So, as of 5 hours prior to this tweet, McCain was 74 followers away from 3 million. Right now: He's at 2.8 million… https://t.co/68Y9vxgnZ3
  • Mon, 15:03: RT @goldengateblond: "With this blunder, Senate Republicans have achieved the unthinkable: They’ve written a giant corporate tax cut that m…
  • Mon, 15:11: RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) Republicans are lying about The Logan Act—what it says; why it exists; why it matters—and their lies are pervert…
  • Mon, 17:18: RT @katewillett: Is Christianity like Scientology where there's levels and you only find out about the really weird stuff once you're in it…
  • Mon, 17:45: RT @kazweida: The powerful moment the Utah Resistance shut down an intersection in SLC to protest Trump’s theft of public lands and his dis…
  • Mon, 17:51: How is James Woods being taken seriously by anyone whatsoever? 🤷🏻‍♂️ https://t.co/2BjoMnRk2L
  • Mon, 17:56: Congress MUST be a fairly hellish place people. These people just spent the better part of 11 months doing... well… https://t.co/Xd5ZPzPVSO
  • Mon, 17:57: RT @WTFpod: We stand by Sam and reiterate this promise. We will name all defecting sponsors, we will denounce them, and we will endorse th…
  • Mon, 17:59: RT @joncoopertweets: So, after helping pass the horrible #GOPTaxScam bill and voting to take away healthcare from millions of Americans, @S
  • Mon, 18:19: I'm seriously not clear on my feelings about this. Love JJ. 45+ year fan of ToS movies and shows. LOVE the reboo… https://t.co/AvLk81N08r
  • Tue, 10:59: Whoa. That's going to piss Putin off. GOOD. 😠 https://t.co/D1g6BQvMTx
  • Tue, 11:02: As @Ziganna pointed out to me this morning as I digested this news; "It's the line Dumpster Fire Donald drew in the… https://t.co/WFNzCwMGe2
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