Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Damn It, Just One More!

Someone is outside yelling at some boy to "Stop chasing that booty. I see you chasing women. Yeah you, you booty chaser." Yes, that's an EXACT quote. But that's not what I brought you hear to talk about.

Remember that big feature article I was all excited about? Turns out, as usual, I was applying more pressure on myself then was neccessary. Chris, my editor, sent me note asking if I could get it to them by NEXT Friday (but they could stretch it to a week from Monday if I needed). Hell, I was shooting for this SATURDAY, so I told him I was shooting for wednesday.

I just re-read that paragraph and got the feeling it should be the lyric of a pop-song. But I digress....

I guess it's something that only writers can really appreciate: The idea of "making the cover", having almost complete control over a solid 5 pages of 4 color offset glossy. All of it with my name at the beginning, something I can send my Mom (who will promptly frame it, I suspect).

It happened right after one of the big Mac based news collection sites posted a link to my latest column for them as well. It's really nice to get ego biscuits like that every now and again.

I should wrap this up and get dressed...I want food now. Grrr. Argh.
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