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Wow, What a Week!!!

Valerie steelmagnoliaca was actually a few minutes early arriving at San Jose. However, we were a couple minutes late picking her up, as the local gendarmes had decided to close off the left turn that would let Roni and I return to the terminal to pick her up. This senseless bit of traffic "control" resulted in large numbers of people being forced to drive past the other terminal here just to make the return trip, resulting in a lot more traffic. Idiots.

The weekend was wonderful: Val got a chance to check out the Big Trees in Felton (not as big as the monsters north of Eureka, but still awe inspiring...and without the 6 hour trip, one way. I still want to get my butt up there again...), had a chance to visit downtown Santa Cruz, eat at Pizza My Heart, check out Herland and 13. It never occurred to me to take her down to the cliffs until just now...traffic was so light I was certain everyone was down there (of course, that wasn't the case...but who knew?).

We even managed to hook up with wickedladybear and dcatt at WorldCon in San Jose. They let us use their badges to check out the dealer room (thanks, guys!), which was surprisingly boring compared to the last time I had seen one (1994, in San Francisco). In fact, aside from running into kshandra with her new short hair cut (wow, that really IS adorable!) and "Not Doug" (or was it "Not David"? Kidding, people! Put down the sharp pointy sticks) it was slim people watching pickings.

Sunday night I have to confess to being a bit of an asshole for no good reason. I think it was a bit of a meltdown brought on by the fact that Val was returning to San Diego the following day, and no one really wanted her to (including herself). Fortunately it all worked out okay, though (as fun as it is) I would like to avoid three-way make up sex in the future (read: skip the argument, go straight to the sex part).

After finding a great italian place on Bascom Ave in San Jose to grab a late lunch, we dropped Val off at the airport (with much teariness...sniff), I brought Roni home, dropped her off, and got my butt over to see Audra for our first real, pre-planned, share a real bed "date" since the reconciliation. I'll save that for the next entry.
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