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So Audra was planning on surprising me with a room for the night at this local motel called the "Casablanca Inn". What was funny about it is I've noticed it a hundred times before, particularly when living in Fremont had me taking the back roads to Oakland.

Apparently this place wasn't the dive I thought it to be previously: The rooms were quite nice, equipped with a fridge, microwave, king sized beds...and a Jacuzzi tub worthy of the effort of filling.

Audra, of course, is a fat girl...not a supersized babe, but definitely large enough that most tubs are too small by half for her. This monster had enough room that we both easily could lay back and face each other. She says she and her wife had discovered the place when they had wanted to catch some HBO special without going through the bother of subscribing to HBO: The fact that both of them (her wife's a BBW as well) could fit in the tub was a major bonus. I might have to do a shoot at the place.

So there I am hanging with a woman who I find incredibly attractive, in a boudoir worthy of sexual exploits varied and perverse...so we talked for several hours.

Sure, we wound up naked and in the tub...but it seemed a lot more natural to process everything that had gone on, was going on, where we thought things were going.

Turns out (big surprise) we were both terrified at the fact we had reconnected so quickly after all that time, and everything that had happened. One of the things that A pointed out was that we had both grown a lot in our ability to communicate, with the world and each other. I can live with that...

So we did manage to get some sleep (very yummy), and barely made it out by checkout. I had to head home at that point to finish the big feature article I had promised MacDesign on Jaguar - I'll do that (and other media musings) next entry.
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