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It's a Yohannon Media Frenzy!

Every now and then, when I think I haven't been making much of a difference in the world...it hits me.

I've shown up in a few book acknowledgments. I've been listed as a resource in books like "Big, Big Love". And now, apparently I'm a reference in Deviant Desires, a book dedicated to mapping out all that's perverse in human sexuality. Literally mapping it, actually, check out this venn diagram from hell (warning: 500K in size!) of sexual deviance.

Actually, I haven't seen the reference as yet: I was contacted by a nice gentleman (who does documentaries...hmmm!) from Britain who says he saw my Anti-Feeder piece on the Rotunda, and wanted to speak with me while he was in "the states".


Who knows, it might not go anywhere. But I still like getting ego biscuits as much as anyone else.

In the meantime, I managed to finish the article, sidebars, graphics, and sent them all up to the powers that be at the Magazine last night. Hopefully if there's any problem with it getting it in so quickly will give me the turnaround time I need to get it polished.

My first feature article...damn, I'm too excited for someone that should be used to this professional writing gig thing.
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