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On Conspiracies and Human Stupidity

I'll never forget the snippet of info I obtained, some time in my distant past, that spoke of the incessant need for some people to look for conspiracies in almost every major event. A rule of sort can be invoked almost all the time: "Never attribute to conspiracy what can just as easily be explained as human stupidity".

This doesn't deny conspiracy, per se: In fact, I would suggest it augments it. Stupid acts lead to cover-ups, which lead to more stupid acts, which (ironically) leads to complete and utter exposure. Watergate and Iran/Contra are perfect examples -- a combination of arrogance and complacence, leading to hysteria, leading to congressional hearings wherein we discover our nations government doesn't grasp the idea that people would actually LISTEN to audio tape, or that e-mail doesn't go away forever when you delete it on your PC.

9-11-01 has already produced some fascinating rumblings, all of which I've managed to confirm as true, and at least one that should be making headlines save that people are getting way too focused on an as yet undeclared war.

First, amusing: A calendar in europe has authorities searching for its authors. Why? Because on September 11th, 2001 it depicts a fiery jumbo jet flying over the NYC skyline. It claims to be a dramatization of the end of the EgyptAir flight wherein the co-pilot allegedly flew it into the ocean (funny how that doesn't seem so impossible now, does it?), but the placement and the graphic has assorted three letter agencies wanting to ask the artist a few pointed questions.

Second, Ominous: Did you know that Willie Brown, Mayor of San Francisco, was slated to fly to the east coast the morning of 9/11? Only on 9/10 his security team was contacted and warned that he might want to forgo the trip, as "That wouldn't be a good day to fly".

Third, Downright Scary: Israeli's intelligence agency, The Massad, is renowned the world over by allies and enemies alike as one of the finest of its kind. This is a country that has been dealing with events such as those in NYC for several decades...and it ISN'T paranoia when they're really out to fuck with you.

Well, it appears that sometime in mid august, they went to the FBI and the CIA to tell them that there were terrorists in the US who were planning on hijacking several planes and using them to attack US targets, specifically NYC. This wasn't an anonymous call-in...this was the MASSAD. Can you see that little red needle, pinned all the way to the right? That's the Massad's credibility meter.

Conspiracy? Not sure...more than likely assorted internal pissing matches ensued, right up to that moment when someone on the 94th floor looked up groggily from their morning coffee to see a jumbo jet approaching at something over 300 miles per hour. Now, they'll desperately cover up...until the finger pointing begins.

Somewhere, there's some idiot who KNEW that this was going to happen. They knew while I was driving across Staten Island and looking at the towers. And they screwed the pooch sans lube, and is praying that the stink doesn't rise above the vengeance noise.

It makes the WIllie Brown story all the more likely...imagine being a flunky who knows this info, but is powerless to do anything about it. While I can debate the truth of that, it's nonetheless how they feel: So they contact a few people they'd rather not see having problems. Maybe it was a local bouncing around a Washington DC office. I certainly hope so...the other possibility horrifies me beyond belief.

I think Heinlein said that stupidity was a capital offense. While bin Laden deserves to be on the block, there are people right here, in our own government, that deserve to be right there along side of him. In their own way, they aided and abetted mass murder.

Move over Milosovic: You have company.
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