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Working It As Much As I Can Stand...

Well, it looks like my "slow" period is ending, on a lot of different levels.

First, the weekend was wonderfully low key: Roni and I snuggled a lot, caught "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" (an actual sleeper turned hit... good for Mr. Tom Hanks, who apparently fronted a large chunk of his own change to get it produced), lusted over various Sony video cameras while at the Metreon (I *so* need to get one if I want to get serious about erotic BBW video production), and generally felt relaxed about life.

I did have one minor humiliation on Friday. If you'll recall, I had a BIG article due for a magazine I write for. This was, in my slowly expanding pro writing career, a major milestone for me, and even though the editors already had respect for me, I wanted to make a good impression.

I got an e-mail from one of the editors Friday, which was one of the most gracious attempts to avoid calling what I had sent a "mess" as I had ever seen. Fortunately for all concerned, I figured out immediately what had happened:

I had sent my article NOTES by mistake.

Now, when I start a fairly large writing project, I either already know what I'm going to write, or I have no idea how I'm going to structure something. In the latter case I free associate until I spot a pattern, then use the notes (which might have some nuggets that I really liked) to write the actual piece.

My mistake was that I had named the two files in similar fashion, and I was a bit tired when I sent the finished product in.

So, I sent the CORRECT file immediately. Within minutes I got a note back expressing profound relief...

(shakes head)

Anyway, Friday night I did something I haven't done in nearly 20 years...I rolled up a D&D character with Roni and Gene (a third player wasn't able to make it...I'm sure you'll hear about them soon enough!). I had forgotten how obnoxiously tedious rolling up a character can be, though it's kind of fun watching it come to life in my head...halfway through the evening they had a history, some neuroses, and even a name.

At one point we all almost lost it over the "Vorpal Dildo" commentary ("roll to see if you get enough lube!", "Where do you sheath it?" and "Roll to save against orgasmic stupefaction!"). I have no idea how THAT got started.

I was stumped about the name, when providence struck...I was frustrated at the block I was suffering, held the page to my head, and made a comment about looking like Karnak the Great. Gene looked at me, and said "Why not call him Karna?" Ding-ding-ding! Thank you for playing.

I can't believe that I'm actually going to play AD&D again. I must be insane. Or at least not normal.

Thank goddess!
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