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Terror's Most Wanted

So, they're three people at the top of the list when people think of war mongering threats to wold peace: Osama (who's dead, btw), Saddam Hussein, and...you guessed! Geoge W. Bush.

Look, the first man HAS to be dead. he was on fucking DIALYSIS for gods sake. Have you seen what one of those machines looks like? It's the size of a mini and requires a lot of maintainence. Somehow I seriously doubt that he's been able to keep it up during his recent hiding and flight.

Hussein...well, he's a boogie man. Much like the red menace, he's a technique to give bush something to rail against while avoiding REAL issues facing the country. That leaves George, the only one of the three to successfully strike against foreign soil over the last two years. Thart's if you accept that Osama had little or nothing to do with you-know-what, that tragedy co-opted by our very own resident-in-chief, for his own myopic and incompetently handled ends. Who the hell IS advising him these days, anyway?

I have to run: I desperately need to get my back cracked. One shoulder feel absolutely jammed this morning. Later!
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