Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Oh... THAT Explains a LOT.

I know, a lot of people think astrology is pure bullshit. At the other extreme, people are afraid to even breath without consulting a natal chart.

However, occasionally there are things that, for some reason, just correspond. Like saturn returns. Or mercury retrograde...

Today, while trying to wash my car, I went to vacuum it first. So the first two quarters went in fine...but the third seemed to get caught up. So I hit the coin return...

Near as I can tell, two coins dropped first, and the third fell between them, jamming perfectly. A million to one thing. They jammed so thoroughly that I was forced to get the attendant to pry them out.

I then had issues with the stupid wash itself...I popped in the code, drove in...and nothing.

After about thirty seconds, I tried to re-enter the code...the nice person waiting behind me was kind enough to enter the last digit for me after I got back in the car (which would have made for high comedy if I hadn't realized what I was bout to do...me at the control pad, my car already in position in the wash).

Finally the attendant came out and fixed the issue... I'm surprised I wasn't banned on the spot as a trouble maker.

So it was with no surprise that I heard that Mercury was going retrograde this week. Mercury, in astrology, deals with communication and technology...when it goes retrograde (reverses apparent direction as viewed from earth) it means that communication and technology go straight to hell.

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