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Yohannon Sells Out (Again)

So steelmagnoliaca has wanted me to do up a set of Rotunda Artworks gear for ages. Since I apparently had a fire under my butt I manage to get it together to do the CafePress thing and design not one, but *6* items. I am absurdly proud of my little corner of merchandizing.

This weekend was a lot of fun: I got to spend some time with Karin (who is WAY too much fun to spend this much time apart!), and we both got to go to the BBN dance in Martinez. We met up with Linda there, and got to snuggle a bit and play pool.

Under the category "weird but true" I, one of the worst pool players I know, wound up winning every game (poor Linda kept scratching the 8 ball). There was one game with this nice, long haired pagan gent where I was SO on. It was very weird.

We bailed shortly after midnight after a full night of flirting, dancing, and generally causing trouble. Darrin said he would call me this week about starting up the BBW play parties again -- that should be an interesting conversation, as I plan to make SURE they don't become the free-for-all ickfests they had become the last time around. Hey, I wasn't the one in charge then. I still don't know if I *want* to be in charge. But it there's money in it, and I have enough control over who comes and the code of behavior once they're there, then maybe.

There was a minor miscommunication with Karin and Linda as we left, but it wasn't too serious.., it all worked out, and I got to practice my communication skills about the reality of being me.

Sunday Karin and I slept in as late as we could get away with, had a lovely brunch, and I dropped her off. I had a photoshoot with a lovely lady in the city who's still on the fence about going for the modelling thing...hopefully I can convince her it's a good idea after all. The shoot went really well, after I (oddly enough) got there early (I know...a change of pace for me). After all the dire predictions of traffic nightmares in SF this weekend, it was almost absurdly easy to drive through. Parking, on the other hand, was hard.

Last night I had a MAJOR brain fart about going to see ambar...I honestly thought I was supposed to be meeting up with her at around midnight. Fortunately, I called her before I left town, as it was NEXT weekend. She was already snuggled up in bed with one elflet, who would have been a bit put out with how crowded Ambar's bed had become.

Since it was already after 10:30 PM, I crashed at Roni's. Amd here I am, all caught up: Maybe this will be a habit or something?
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