Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Where Does She Find This Stuff Out?

gtpooh has yet another link to this wonderful story from my party (the libertarians, in case you were wondering):

Jeb Bush Trips Over His Own Tongue

This happened to push a button with me because of a REALLY annouying anti-drug public dis-service announcement I saw the other day. The idiots tried to make us feel guilty for buying a joint, as it meant some drug cartel had killed some family (presumably south american). I think I saw a similar ad that linked pot with terrorism: Buy a nickle bag, support Osama.

One thing became immediately clear to me: These people either have no clue, or are poor liars.

For one thing, the "war on drugs" has resulted in Pot strains that grow in all 50 states (yes, including Alaska. Apparently there's a particular type called "Alaskan Thunderfuck". No, I'm not making this up...but I digress). By its very nature pot is difficult to smuggle and impossible to "cut" once transported, making it a poor import indeed. Now cocaine or heroin, on the other hand, can be smuggled in smaller amounts and can be reduced any number of ways once it gets to the US, making it a far more profitable venture. It made me wonder why they didn't have somebody shooting up, or snorting a line in the ad --at least THEN I would have to concede the "supporting terror/murder" hyperbole.

Of course that would mean cutting off funding to some of the shrub's fave "black ops", I'm sure. It wouldn't be the first time the government has pulled that one.

Damn, I'm posting grumpy again -- I should go get some sleep.
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