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Please, Goddess, Make Murcury Direct SOONER

You know, this whole mercury retrograde thing would be a LOT worse if I didn't have a sense of humor.

After running around a few days ago (Michele is fine, btw...she really just needed to land after being blasted by B whilst her shield were down), I managed to get quite a lot done. I *finally* installed a motion sensitive light fixture M and I had bought when we had first moved in...nearly 5 years ago. Added some solar powered lights for the walkway. Michele LOVED those.

Today I pruned the trees, cut back the (expletive deleted) blackberry bushes, cleaned and fixed the gutters...in short, I was feeling absurdly energetic. I would have done more, except that the guy doing a documentary on BBW's and FA relationships was due to do a pre-production interview at Roni's at 3.

I got out in plenty of time...so of course I was late. The usual combination of people who don't know how to drive in the mountains (Wednesday there was a head on on 9...some idiot passed on a blind curve, over the double yellow line. Too bad there was a tanker truck coming from the opposite direction. Also, one the way back, another scene: One of those damn rice burning biker wannabees took a header off the side before the summit), traffic, and perhaps a time warp...it's my story and I'm sticking to it. As it was, I was only 10 minutes late.

I pull into the garage, close the door, and walk to the front door to see if they were waiting outside...when the door closed behind me.

With my keys still in my bag. In the car. In the garage.

Fortunately, the two british gentlemen took it in stride and we started to talk while I awaited Roni to bring Gene home from work, only 20 minutes later. At least I had my cell phone with me!

We talked for about 2 and a half hours...they asked a lot of the right questions, and had obviously done their homework. They were really interested in getting some of my "girlfriends" at the interview, perhaps even to video a photo-shoot. I figure I can scare up a few people who wouldn't mind baring all for the british.

After giving the boys a lift downtown (I managed not to laugh too much when they asked how to get a cab...in the western addition. Right.) I snagged Roni, and after a nice meal at Mel's I FINALLY got to jump online...

Only I had forgotten the cord to the laptop.

Mercury goes direct October 6, sometime that morning. It won't be too soon.
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