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Tuesday... Afternoon...

So, I dropped Roni off at Oakland... after a brief detour toward SFO. We almost ALWAYS fly via SFO to San Diego. Only this time the best deal was on SouthWest. I know, they're assholes because of the bizarre "Fat People Pay Double... Sometimes" bullshit, but they DID have the best deal. As it was there was no problem (Roni clocks in at 380), in either direction.

I then had several hours to kill before my date with Audra. I was fairly sure I could take care of most of it by wandering about Piedmont Avenue, checking out Dr. Comics, dropping into Says Who to say "hi!" to Tonda or Janelle, that sort of thing.

Except that Tonda was out to lunch, Janelle was off that Friday, and I could only manage to kill about 30 minutes in the comic book shop.

So, I literally dawdled my way to Audra's place in Hayward, but STILL got there at 4 pm...about 90 minutes early.

I had already read the comic books, so I decided to fire up the laptop and write a story (it still needs to be edited, otherwise you could see it now) about an experience I had with a cute, fat drag queen many years ago. Over ten, actually. I was amazed at how much detail I remembered. But then I guess that's the sort of experience that sticks with you.

About 2500 words in , Audra drove up. It was a lovely night of talking and (yes) sex, but mostly talking.

Our relationship has become fairly intense in a very short time. The fact that this was someone I was head over heels for four years ago was probably a factor. I surprised myself by talking about my fear that things were moving too quickly.

People who know me know that thing can sometimes move fast around me. It's not something I do deliberately: In fact, it's downright scary every time. I feel like I'm taking this huge risk with Audra, considering how everything turned out last time -- but when I express my fears, she's incredibly supportive and understanding. I keep reminding myself that she's grown a lot (and it shows), and that she's not dismissing my feelings. If anything she's very aware of how badly she screwed up her part of things.

Eileen has been equally helpful in that regard, making it clear that history was NOT going to repeat.

I wound up not getting out of there until nearly 3 PM the next day. Part of the time was spent doing a small, private ritual with Audra to help things to heal a bit.

I was running late for a tub with kshandra so I gave her a call. When I mentioned that I would be a little longer, she seemed confused, asking "didn't you get my voicemail?" (I did, but only after I hung up with her. Figures). She was a bit under the weather, and thought a tub was a bad idea.

It all worked out, as Michele was home alone this weekend past, and wanted company. I got back to the house and had a lovely saturday night watching movies with my wife -- strange that this is such a novelty. (for those of you confused, Robin usually "gets" the weekends with Michele. It's just how the scheduling worked out.)

Sunday afternoon I left to spend a night with Karin in Pleasanton. She took Monday morning off just so we could sleep in and snuggle.

Monday I came home and continued the winterizing saga: Finished fixing that damn gutter in the back (the previous owner was a home improvement DOLT. There, I feel better now!), washing the skylights, cleaning all the windows and screens. I was going to do even more today, but simply didn't feel up to it. I did manage to replace the dead safety plug in the upstairs bathroom and fixed the light fixtures, though, so the day wasn't a complete bit of laziness.

I have two major projects I need to get done before the Rains come: Cleaning the driveway (which includes stacking the wood) and fixing some flashing along the one side of the house.

Yea, me!
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