Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

The Sweetest Thing

Okay, I just want to put this out there simply because it annoys me when something is suppressed.

I know a lot of diabetics and people who avoid sugar in general. They do, however, enjoy sweet things. I never liked artificial sweeteners myself...either they tasted "wrong", had an aftertaste problem, or gave me migraines (no, I don't want to hear that aspartame doesn't trigger migraines. It does.)

Then Michele got all excited Monday night about this stuff called Stevia. After a brief "who's on first" like exchange where I kept asking what it was and the reply being Stevia, I finally found out what the stuff really WAS.

It's some sort of herb that is something like 300 times sweeter than sugar, is safe for diabetics... in fact there are those who claim it helps the body produce insulin... is completely safe, has no aftertaste, and is 100% organic. It's already the number one sweetener in Japan, and probably would take THIS country by storm, save for one thing:

They are prohibited by US law from calling it a sweetener.

Hell, this article notes that it was banned for sale in this country entirely in 1991... though congressional action removed herbal supplements from the FDA's purview back in '94. The FDA calls it an "unsafe food additive", though they don't say WHY it's unsafe.

Because you know, it would really piss off the chemical companies who've spent millions to develop carcinogenic sugar substitutes if you could just replace it with a simple herbal supplement. Unsafe for someone's bottom line? Probably.
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