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Direct... Finally.

Well, mercury went direct today, at about 11:30 PST. If you're still having issues regarding communications and technological foul-ups...you're on your own.

Meanwhile, where did I leave off in the saga that is my life?

I celebrated Michele's B-day last Wednesday...her actual natal was on Saturday (the fifth, for those who take notes) but she had plans elsewhere. The thing that makes me sad is that she assumed *I* already had plans, not at all unreasonable -- I usually go to closing weekend at Faire this weekend.

It looks like I'm missing Faire this year entirely. I guess it's just not the same without Linda Underhill there...

I got Michele a great card (it looked like our cat Princess Tigerlilly, sitting with a live mouse on it's head...VERY cute) and a gluten free chocolate cake from Whole Foods (it tasted like a really good Mousse). We went to CostCo on the way home and I scored a copy of Fight Club for 12 bucks (great movie) and High Crimes.

I had already gotten M the cake, which was a surprise...so of course I practically had to tackle her to keep her from buying her own birthday cake.

Thursday I went to see Audra before heading up to the city. The Plan was to go up to a hot tub place in Berkeley, spend an hour soaking and talking, and head out. Here's what actually happened:

We get to the hot tub place, and I head into the little grocery next door to get a couple of bottles of water and 20 bucks cash back. Turns out the place is under new management -- there's a 5 dollar minimum ATM purchase, and there's NO cash back now. Gah...

I pay cash, and we walk up a block to the credit union ATM (no fees if you belong to a CU...the big banks can bite me!). On the way we're accosted by this older gentleman begging for change. After I turn him down, he turns to work on Audra...when SHE turns him down, he calls her a "lard ass bitch".

We have a VERY loud conversation about Karma as it related to people who seemed to think that insulting people was a good long term plan, and walked back to the hot tub place.

So, we walk up to the counter, and I tell the guy "two, for an hour". He's counting tens, so I expected him to day something after the tens. Instead, we wait as he counts 5's, 1's, and goes through all the silver. People line up behind us. He fills out a little form, puts it away...and THEN informs us that there is no hot water.

I was a bit torqued, to say the least. Why didn't he say that BEFORE making us waste 10 minutes of our lives? Hell, why was the front door even OPEN...a hot tub place is kinda sorta USELESS without hot water.

Well, it did work out. We stopped at Good Vibes in Berkeley to do some shopping (I can't believe I have another Safer Sex League card filled out...another 5 buck discount! Woohoo!). While I was there, I realized I was 40 bucks ahead of the game because of the hot tub falling through, so I bought myself a P-spotter. Audra decided to surprise Eileen with a silicone version of the G-spotter (a LOT better than the cheesy plastic one).

And then...we stopped at IKEA so I could FINALLY replace the shade on the lamp next to my side of the bed at Roni's (broken a few weeks earlier after a freak accident...I was the freak who had the accident that broke it).

IKEA was one stop too many, and so I wound up being late picking Roni up from Noe's. To make it up to her we went to this Thai place on folsom she likes, and where I know of at least two dishes I can eat.

Friday we went to see Red Dragon. Not bad...no spoilers (I *hate* those), but it's a good lead in to "Silence".

Friday night we went to see the Kinsey Sicks, a dragapella group that's hysterical. To make it a complete night out, we went to Max's Opera Cafe for dinner...only when we got there (Roni, Gene and myself) we discovered that the wait was nearly thirty minutes.

We scored some counter space (the last bit, it turned out) and began to work on getting something to eat. Noe showed up as we ordered, and proceeded to be...well, Noe. He is SO winding up a character in one of my novels one day.

The bartender (a young, stocky, yet buff man with a celtic knot tattoo around his neck...yeah, that HAD to hurt) scored us four seats at the bar proper (the thin ledge we were TRYING to eat at was barely wide enough to hold our plates). Noe started oogling the hot wings the two ladies sitting next to us were eating. I was stunned when, within a couple of minutes they were OFFERING him some. Roni made a crack about the queer blind man making time with the fat girl before I did. I had to point out she wasn't my type.

Now, if it had been the cute blonde waitress that works there (a young roly-poly thing fun to watch as she bounced through the restaurant) that would have been a different story.

We finally got out of there, vastly over-tipped the bartender, thanked the ladies at the end of the bar for baby-sitting Noe for us, and wandered toward the Herbst.

The Sicks were WONDERFUL. My sides ached for at least an hour afterwards. Making the night complete: Roni had gotten the idea of buying a dozen pink roses for the girls, which sounded like a fun thing to do.

When the performance ended, and they came out for a second bow and encore, I rushed up and handed off the roses, running away before I could be sucked into a bit (I was feeling bashful, what can I say?). Of course, they managed to get a laugh at my expense anyway...

Since they had the roses, they did their version of Midler's "The Rose", which starts serious...and then turns into a commentary on the song itself. They had an old member visiting, so the new member was going to run off the stage...only they said she should stay and do the interpretive dance. It was meant as a joke...only the new member, proving her mettle in unexpected ways, uh... rose to the challenge (sorry).

She was so funny the other members had a hard time watching without laughing.

We had Winnie (our favorite) sign their new CD for us on the way out.

Saturday, the highlight was a late lunch with kshandra at Los Trancas in Colma. Afterwards I did a tarot reading for her that I will leave to her to tell you about, if she wishes. We had some time to talk when I brought her home.

A quiet Saturday night, and here we are. Mercury direct, and no more excuses.
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